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Go in Peace
Sarah Hart / Dwight Liles

1. There will be no more darkness. 
There is no more night, no more night.
There will be no more sadness, 
only joy and light, joy and light.
Lift your eyes beyond the hills
and see the dawn.
There is beautiful mercy
in the arms of the holy one.

Go in peace, God be with you.
Go in peace, be at rest 
with the saints and the angels.
Now you are free. Go in peace.

2. See the Father is waiting 
with a robe of white, purest white.
Go and feast at his table 
with the bread of life, bread of life.
Lift your heart, rejoice and sing
for you are home; 
home at last and forever
in the arms of the holy one.



© 2004, Sarah Hart and Dwight Liles. Published by Spirit & Song®, a division of 
OCP. All rights reserved.