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The KidsChoir of St. Isidore Church has an incredible, energetic, and vibrant group of kids who work together to lead the congregation in song.  During their rehearsals, they not only learn a healthy singing technique but they also learn about the Liturgy and our faith through the songs they sing.  This is an environment where creativity and experimentation are encouraged.  Although structure and discipline are at each rehearsal, this is not a traditional "classroom" experience.  Kids are encouraged to speak up and participate.


Together they:

  • learn valuable, safe vocal techniques
  • learn to work together in a group musically
  • learn about our sacred music for kids
  • learn about our faith, liturgy and our church seasons
  • learn that they are an important part of the Liturgy




Thursdays 3:30-4:30PM

in the St. Isidore Room,

Ministry Center across from Church


Sunday 9:00AM


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