O Loving God
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O Loving God

1. O loving God, we send your daughter (son) home to you,
home to a place of everlasting love,
to join there with the angel choirs and blessed saints,
and to behold your glorious holy face.

Receive her (his) soul and let eternal light shine,
eternal light forever on her (his) soul,
so she (he) may be forever in your dwelling place,
and be at rest in peace until we meet her (him) there.

2. O loving God, have mercy and forgiveness
upon your servant's now departed soul,
and may your grace and love enfold her (him) evermore,
so she (he) may dwell in paradise at last.

Text: 12 10 12 10 with refrain, © 2004, Paulette M. McCoy. Published by OCP. All 
rights reserved. Music: fr. The Ancient Music of Ireland, 1855.