Small Ensembles Info

Thanks for Your Interest in the
Saturday 4PM Small Ensembles




Adults who have the ability to:

  • sight-read music

  • harmonize 

  • be flexible

  • have a great attitude

  • have strong musicianship and voice

  • sing a capella music on pitch


This group is comprised of musicians who have many years of experience singing in choral groups. An audition is a phone call or email away. This is a very collaborative and friendly group of flexible singers with great voices. There are different small ensembles singing each week, so you wouldn't be requires to sing weekly. Please contact us if this seems to be the group for you.


We have the following SMALL ENSEMBLES:

  • The Directors Ensemble

  • The 5 Guys Ensemble

  • Women's Ensemble




TBD - plus self-rehearsal and prep


Saturday 4 PM

(the ensemble meets in the church at 3:15PM)



To request more information:

Contact the Music Ministry Office



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