​Youth Choir Information

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St. Isidore Church gladly welcomes the participation of any youth of our parish - from 1st grade through high school.  Here, they will have the opportunity to share their gift of music in a safe and friendly environment in a choir specially suited for their age group. 


Through weekly rehearsals, they will learn their role in the sacred Liturgy while preparing music for Mass.  The rehearsals will allow them to prepare and learn the music for Mass while also developing a strong and safe singing technique. 


Yes, our youth are the "church of tomorrow" - but only if they are an active part of the "church of today." 








Rehearsal - Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm

in the St. Isidore Room

Mass - Sunday 9AM


Rehearsal - Sunday 11:40-12:10pm

in the Church

Mass - Sunday 12:15PM


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